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The Main Listing Image Is Super Important

The Main Listing Image is by far the most important image in a listing.  Next to price it is the most important element in converting sales and driving traffic to your listing.  Bad photos will make your brand look untrustworthy and poor quality.  Experts generally agree that a professional product photo vs an DIY Iphone photo for the main listing image will see a 20% increase in sales, but we have heard of much higher returns from our customers.

So if you're going to invest in anything, the main listing image is it.  You can skimp on the secondary images and get away with it.  There are lots of professional options and it will be worth the investment. 

We know what you're thinking, here comes the sales pitch but let me explain why hiring a professional makes sense from a time and money aspect before you leave.

Photos are one of the most important aspects of a listing.  A great picture can make your product look awesome, increase click through rates and sell more products.  Bad photos can make your product look low quality.  So why go cheap DYI route if it's so important?

If you're deciding to do it yourself vs hiring a professional, then ask yourself this question, "Is it worth it?" Studies and experts agree that Professional photos sell significantly more products on Amazon then DIY.  

Do the math.  If it costs $80 to get professional photos and you see a 20% increase in sales over the lifetime of the listing, does that justify the cost?  Professional photos are an investment that will continue to return over the lifetime of your listing.

Do you have all the equipment, skill and time to photograph it yourself properly?   Would it cost more to get all the stuff then to hire a professional?

Switch out your main listing image with a professional image and measure the ROI (Return On Investment).  If you see an uptick in sales and clicks compared to before, then calculate how much you would see over the lifetime of the listing if you upgraded your photos to professional photos.  

We will make your photos outstanding

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